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It was while they were dating that she first dyed her hair the bright pink shade that she is forever associated with.Before Brendon she actually dated a guitarist for From First To Last, Travis Richter, and later she also dated Ronnie Radke from Escape The Fate.Even with all they knew, they didn’t wish the share it with the others until they thought it was time.The remaining seven tried to get information from their parents or other adults that knew about the Uchiha Clan, but were never able to break the barrier of silence they stood behind.If such a thing was possible.»»» Josh is self destructive, lighting fused in cigarettes.

If you were hanging around My Space in the mid to late 2000s, then some of these hot messes graced your screens, hawking Hot Topic products and damaging their beyond belief with ridiculous cuts and dyes.

The one on the right had brown hair pushed into something like a quiff, his fake leather jacket half zipped up his chest.

The other boy was a fraction shorter, and had blue hair that was half washed out.

THAT IS, until they had a huge feud over their friendship with Jeffree Star (spoiler alert: Audrey was playing both of them) and suddenly were mortal enemies.

They subtweeted the shit out of each other, and tried to get fans on one another's side like crazy.

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His pale skin made the black stretchers in his ears stand out a lot more.

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