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And with a language-hungry population that faces pricey school costs, these opportunists say there is no shortage of eager study partners — who may or may not have purely academic intentions.

Kim and Lee say they organize their steamy study sessions through various language exchange websites, such as hanlingo.com, or

He has engaged in five different language exchanges, and like Kim, they have all been with young, attractive Korean women, he said. I wasn’t too worried about learning Korean,” Lee said, adding that he doesn’t “even really know Hangul [the easy-to-learn Korean alphabet],” despite his year-long stay here.

The two Americans rank among more than 22,000 other foreigners who work in the English-teaching industry in South Korea.

On those sites, the two bachelors connect with girls who meet their dating standards.

The first step is to get your hands on the right resources.

While there may seem a lack of obvious options to learn the Korean language, Australia is still a great place to study Korean.

To study Korean in Australia you need to be creative, passionate and have the right resources. In this article we share seven tips for learning Korean in Australia, and because many of our readers are students we decided to do it on a shoestring budget.

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