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You will no longer need to add the STEAM Id’s of users to all of your servers` config files, and keep the configs synced and updated after each ban.With Source Bans, its as simple as `sm_ban` in the server console, and that player will be instantly banned from all of your servers.Not trying to be rude, but there is a higher chance that the mod will be updated that way, since a lot of people think programming is too difficult (just look at how many watched the first of that video series I posted and compare it to, say the 20th video.Founded in 2005, Golden Eye Source is a Half-Life 2 mod and international hobbyist project that aims to reimagine Rare and Nintendo's 1997 FPS Golden Eye 007 on modern hardware.It't at this point that you can try and update the mod, although it should probably be a newer version than 1.7.10.EDIT: An alternative to this would be asking someone on the requests and ideas subforum.

For example, you can create a new admin group which will only be able to kick and ban.

I am able to access TF2 with Source Mod enabled, and I can connect to other servers, but I can not start my own without the game crashing.

Does anybody know why this is happening and how I can fix it?

After this, you can add a new admin, type the required information and add that admin to that new group, and that admin will automatically inherit all of the privalages from that group.

And starting next map, the admin will have the specified level of admin in the server, or group of servers that you have set.

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